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FUT 20 Corners: How use the new mechanics to score?

2020-01-11 03:11

At the most critical moment, set pieces can demonstrate to be the distinction. 

It is pivotal that you ace your dead ball situations and, specifically, your corner system. 

In this article, we show you all that you have to think about scoring from a corner, which could be the contrast among winning and losing. 

These tips and deceives are significant over all consoles, including PS4, Xbox One and PC. 

The Steps 

EA have depowered headers after they were seemingly too simple to even consider scoring in FUT 19. Subsequently, corners are somewhat trickier than a year ago, however in the event that you nail the correct system you'll be crushing those headers in again in a matter of moments. 

1. When you've won a corner, you're ideal to cross the ball in with an in-swinger. This implies in case you're crossing from the left of the objective utilize a privilege footed player and in case you're crossing from the privilege of the objective utilize a left footed player. 

2. You should utilize a player with in any event 75 appraised intersection and free kick precision for conveyance; a high evaluated bend characteristic may likewise help. 

3. You'll at that point need to focus on your picked zone of the pitch, before driving up your cross with a few bars (we'll go in to more subtleties on where to point later). 

4. For the most obvious opportunity with regards to winning a header, utilize a player with high evaluated bouncing, quality and heading precision. On the off chance that they are tall and have the force header attribute, they'll have a surprisingly better possibility of scoring. 

5. Presently the ball is flying towards your objective man hold holding down the shoot button (O/B) until it contacts them. Just before the ball arrives at their head, press R1/RB and L1/LB at the same time to coordinate the header downwards, guaranteeing you don't shoot the ball over the bar. 

You can likewise time your shot (O/B + O/B coordinated) on the off chance that you need give your header an additional edge. 

6. Commend another effective corner objective. 

Best Tactics 

The following are the three best strategies to utilize when endeavoring to score from a corner. 

Strategy 1: Run Near Post 

Close to post run was the best corner strategy on FUT 19, and it is incredibly helpful by and by in EA's most recent portion of the game. 

Push down twice on the D-cushion to choose the run close to post corner strategy, at that point whip the ball in to the close to present with two on three bars of intensity and in to the assaulting line of your sprinter. 

Strategy 2: Get it to the large man 

Gamers as of late took to a Reddit post to impart their insights on scoring corners. As indicated by clients, "the key is your beneficiary" in FUT 20. In this way, a compelling strategy is pointing down the center of the territory, with certain players in any event, "focusing on the punishment spot". 

You'll have to utilize three to four bars of intensity for this procedure to guarantee the cross contacts you planned objective. 

This strategy is compelling in the event that you have a solid, tall, instructing player who can win headers among a packed punishment zone. Make certain to utilize the descending heading control (L1/LB + R1/RB) for the best outcomes. 

With heading getting progressively hard to score in FUT 20, a reasonable strategy is to pass it out to a subsequent beneficiary before finding a man on the edge of the case for a since quite a while ago shot. 

As should be obvious in the GIF underneath, there is a lot of room around the edge of the crate from a corner, giving you sufficient chance to shoot.

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