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FUT 20 Content Update

2020-03-23 06:43

Presenting Team of the Week Moments

Following the suspensions of the Premier League, Bundesliga and Ligue 1 last Friday, notwithstanding La Liga, Serie An and a few different alliances over the world, we have taken the choice to suspend our ordinary Team of the Week (TOTW) program. When contemplating a trade for TOTW, we needed to fabricate something that is bona fide to football and that is good with TOTW in the event that we can reintroduce it later in the year. Today, we are presenting the Team of the Week Moments and clarifying a few changes that you will find in-game.

TOTW Moments will be a repetitive program that will be founded completely on an authentic TOTW discharge from past FUT titles. Every crew will be an impression of a particular TOTW that was discharged from March onwards in every item year. We need to keep these Items unmistakable, to help recognize bona fide exhibitions occurring this season and in past seasons.

All players that will be discharged will mirror their present groups, and their OVR increment will be in accordance with their FUT 20 update way. For instance, in FUT 18 TOTW 28 Kyle Walker was given a 86 OVR Item in accordance with his FUT 18 update way. For his TOTW Moments Item, Kyle Walker will be a 87 OVR Item dependent on his FUT 20 redesign way.

TOTW Moments will supplant TOTW in numerous spots across FUT beginning today, Wednesday, March eighteenth. This incorporates, among others:

️ FUT Champions Rewards

️ In packs

️ Weekly Featured Squad Battle inside Squad Battles

️ SBC Requirements

️ Future FUT Objectives

️ Draft Mode

To guarantee that Live Items keep on being significant to players when assembling their crews, we'll likewise be overhauling Ones to Watch and Headliners Live Items dependent on in the event that they are discharged in a TOTW Moments crew. As players with dynamic Items are chosen for TOTW Moments crews, they will get overhauls as needs be.

At the point when the customary football schedule resumes, Ones to Watch and Headliners Items will keep on getting overhauls as they would have done already.

FUT 20 Content Update FAQ

When will the progressions to TOTW happen?

Beginning Wednesday, March eighteenth, 2020, and until the customary football seasons continue, TOTW will be supplanted with a Weekly Squad of TOTW Moments players.

By what means will this influence my FUT Champions rewards Player Picks?

TOTW Moments Items will supplant the standard TOTW FUT Champion Player Picks rewards. TOTW Moments Items will get the natural FUT Champions plan subsequently.

For what reason are sure players not highlighted in an individual TOTW Moments crew?

In the event that a player has resigned, been prohibited, or is no longer in FUT 20, they won't highlight in that week's TOTW Moments crew. A player can't include in consecutive TOTW Moments determinations.

Would i be able to utilize TOTW Moments in Squad Building Challenges?

Indeed. TOTW Moments will supplant TOTW content and work similarly. Future SBCs and Objectives may require either TOTW or TOTW Moments things. We are additionally right now attempting to refresh the prerequisites of applicable dynamic SBCs to mirror this change.

Will TOTW Moments Items include dynamic pictures/activity shots?

Similarly likewise with ordinary TOTW Items, select TOTW Moments Items will include activity shot pictures.

By what method will the TOTW Moments sway my dynamic Items?

Ones to Watch and Headliners players will keep on getting overhauls in the event that they are chosen as a component of the TOTW Moments crew for that week. Main events win streak overhauls will be stopped until the 2019-2020 season resumes.

What will befall new TOTW packs I get as FUT Champions rewards or potentially from SBCS?

From Thursday nineteenth March at 9am GMT forward, and until the football seasons continue, the TOTW packs earned from FUT Champions will be supplanted with TOTW Moments packs. Like the typical TOTW packs, when opened, these packs will contain the present dynamic TOTW Moments players.

How accomplish TOTW Moments work with the FUT Champions Upgrade SBCs?

The FUT Champions adaptations of the TOTW Moments Player Items will work in FUT Champions Upgrade SBCs in a similar way that the FUT Champions variants of TOTW Player Items do.

What will befall my current TOTW packs?

Existing Team of the Week Packs (TOTW Upgrade, Ultimate TOTW Pack, Premium TOTW Pack) will keep on including Player Items from TOTW 26. In the event that we can reintroduce TOTW later in the year, these packs would then refresh to utilize the dynamic TOTW according to regular. Note: On Nintendo Switch, TOTW 26 will keep on being the dynamic TOTW until alliance play resumes.

Shouldn't something be said about UCL and UEL Road to the Final Items?

Street to the Final Items will keep on reflecting genuine football. With both the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League at present suspended, these Live Items will keep on being redesigned once the competition resumes.

Shouldn't something is said about Marquee Matchups Moments SBCs?

Marquee Matchups will be supplanted with Marquee Matchups Moments starting Thursday nineteenth March until the football season resumes.

Shouldn't something is said about Player of the Month Award SBCs?

Most of the February Player of the Month grants will be discharged in-game as arranged. Looking forward to future months' honors, we'll work with each group to decide the correct time to bring back the POTM SBCs in FUT 20.

Shouldn't something is said about Man of the Match Items?

Man of the Match Items for Domestic, UEFA and CONMEBOL cup rivalries will be delayed until the particular competitions continue.

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