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FUT 20 D-Pad Defensive Tactics

2020-03-04 07:51

Defensive tactics

Forward back defense-operation: direction key "down" "up"

Oppression of the entire team-Operation: Direction key "down" "left"

Focus on Tendency-Operation: Direction key "down" "right"

Offside Trap-Action: Direction key "down" "down"

1) Forward back

Enabling this tactic allows the forward to play a midfield role to assist the team in defense. If you have multiple forwards, you will consider the amount of defensive movement and defensive ability of the player to decide which forward to retreat to defend.

Turning on this tactic will reduce your offensive options, but at the same time the team can get more support when defending.

2) Oppression

Turning on this tactic will cause the computer-controlled player in his side to force the opponent. This tactic is consistent with the effect of "continuous pressure" in the defensive style of the custom tactic.

Since the team will cover a larger court area under pressure, this will cause the players to exhaust their energy too quickly. At the same time, because of the premise of defense, the risk of counterattack will also increase.

3) Focus on tendency

This tactic will make the team's formation more compact when defending, and the formation width will also be narrowed. The team as a whole will tend to have the side of the ball, and may ignore the player's command settings and stare at opponents, which can effectively improve the defense of the middle, but the side will likely produce neutral.

4) Offside trap

Let the guard line move forward together in order to get the offensive player offside.

Use this tactic with special care. Using it at the wrong time may create a single-handed opportunity for the opponent.

5) Other

Using the arrow keys "Left" and "Right" during a game will change the team's dynamic tactics. Specific tactical settings need to be set in the team management interface before the game.

If you have any questions about the use of offensive and defensive tactics, please leave a message in the comments below. Let's discuss together and improve together.

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