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Headliners SBC and Flashback SBC launched

2020-01-21 04:22

So what are the specific upgrade rules for Headliners SBC this year?

The Headliners SBC will be released in an upgraded form, and its player card capacity will be higher than the previously released IN-Form player card and its base player card. IN-Form player cards include: TOTW , MOTM, Hero Card, Record Breaker Card and TOTGS.

Players selected for the Headliners, each time the IF-Form Player Card is launched, their Headliner Card is also promoted. In addition, if the selected player's club wins 4 consecutive games in their home league, their Headliners Card will receive a permanent promotion, which is equivalent to leading their two IF-Form player card positions.


1) Except for the IF-Form player card, the player's best card of the month, SBC card, annual award or other player card will not trigger upgrade of excellence;
2) Except for home leagues, the winning streak of the Cup, UEFA matches and national team matches will not trigger a remarkable dynamic upgrade;
3) If a selected player transfers or rents to another club, his Premier Dynamic Card will retain his original club. Until the player obtains the IF-Form player card at the new club or the club wins 4 consecutive victories after the transfer, the player's outstanding dynamic card will be updated accordingly;
4) The position of the selected player will not change with the IF-Form player card, and the bust of the player will not change with the IF-Form;
5) If the players selected where the club won four in a row, players around this bust will get high light effects;

Headliners will be released in two batches. The first batch will be released on January 17 and the second batch will be released on January 24. These players will have a chance to get from the player card pack.

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