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FUT 20 Review: Is FUT 20 Better than FUT 19?

2019-11-22 03:26

For some player, FUT 20 is better than FUT 19. There’s more emphasis on passing and possession in FUT 20, rather than just sprinting down the wings which was the norm in FUT 19. The AI defending is much better than in FUT 19. Positioning is better and pace less of a problem. A slow defender can still catch a fast winger with good positioning. And it’s now more difficult to continuously spam skill moves, and freekicks are a bit more user friendly in FUT 20. 

However, for some other players, FUT 20 is not better than FUT 19.

This is due to the fact that EA just added a new game mode (VOLTA, which is good by the way) with a story mode and made the Ultimate team more of cash-grab than actually improving the online multiplayer.

And where do you start with one of the game’s most interesting modes, the Career mode? This game mode is one of the most loved parts of the EA Sports FUT franchise but no, why would they improve the community’s most loved thing if it doesn’t feature micro-transactions and earn them more money.

The game is broken to such an extent that it is literally unplayable. 3 to 4 games a week (fixture congestion), players asking to play and when given the chance to play, they get injured and blame it on the manager that why did you play me when I asked you not to play me in the next game, the press conference choices having no impact on the gameplay, etc.

Also the FUT 20 gameplay is way slower than FUT 19 was so it takes getting used to. They also changed the free kick and penalty mechanic along with some Ultimate Team navigations and some people don’t like the adjustment and just want to play something they’re used to. In FUT 20, headers are virtually impossible. Even if you have a corner and get your 6ft5 CB with 90 heading accuracy to attack it, 90% of the time it goes anywhere but towards the goal and there is no power in them. 

Even though FUT 20 Volta and career mode were disappointing, barely bringing anything new to the table, it is believed that once people get used to how the game plays and they add online to volta, more people will appreciate it. It’s a little different from FUT 19’s title but not too foreign to not recognize it so there’s always going to be criticism which ever way you look at it.

Anyway, FUT 20 is an improvement over FUT 19. If you like playing FUT game, you may likely enjoy the new FUT 20 gameplay.

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